Today, the trend in the swine industry continues towards larger farms. Technological change and vertical integration in the pig industry have resulted in fewer farms. How to become a key player in pig industry?

Keys of success in farm management are good quality medical products for control diseases and adverse effects, feed additive for improve performance and feed cost solution, Natural extracts for food safety, Biotechnology products for pollution control and High technology equipments for better management.

Sanimals serves the products and suggestions that will improve performance of pork production. We have world class standard products and knowledge to support your business.

Swine Solutions

Feed Cost Solution

Feed is the largest main cost item for livestock production, counting for 60%–70% of the total cost…

Feed Quality Solution

Feed quality varies with a lot of factors of production such as digestibility of ingredient, formulation balance, raw material freshness, contamination and palatability…

Productivity&Quality improvement

Key points to productivity and quality improvement with additive product include…

Health Soluion

Animal health is important in livestock industries. The health has impact to cost, profit and opportunity in competitive marketplace…