About Fullbright

At Fullbright, we create feed additives and veterinary pharmaceutical products – and have been a technical and marketing professional in Asia. With animal health products through nutrition and pharmaceutical based on science and innovation for the swine, poultry and aquaculture industry and the vision of supporting to feed the world and the pathway to well-being includes improving animal health, performance, environment and quality of life, Fullbright was established.

Fullbright has serve diverse products to the market and the product lines, including feed cost solutions, feed quality solutions, animal health solutions, and production performance solutions. Fullbright’s overall portfolio is vitamin, trace mineral, Eubiotic, enzyme, natural extracts, biotechnological products, antibiotic, as well as nutritional and veterinary products.

With the 30 years experiences of the founders in the business, sincerity, understanding, and service-mind are fundamental to Fullbright’s being in the industry. Providing superior customer service with understanding and sincerity in applying solutions to help our customers in dealing with numerous challenges, we serve.

Our core business at Fullbright is to provide superior products, technical information and support to our stakeholders. Fullbright has been seen as a leader in marketing in Asia and existing markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and etc.