Trade name


Generic name

Vegetable Fat Powder


MACRO-FAT is vegetable fat powder that produces from Thai vegetable oil manufactory. It has been dried with technology of world class standard and exported quality. MACRO-FAT is easy to use for feed mixing, fine powder, non rancid and increases the energy density. MACRO-FAT is a source of energy for animal particularly lactating sow and weaning pig.


Fat content                            99.5%    min

Free Fatty Acid                     1.0%       max

Iodine Vluec                         5              max

Moisture                                 0.5%       max

Energy value

Poultry                    8,500-8,700          Kcal

Swine                     8,500-8,600          Kcal

Cattle                     8,300-8,500          Kcal


30-50 Kg per ton feed

Pack size

25 kg.